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"We must put ourselves in the position of the subject who tries to find his way in this world, and we must remember, first of all, that the environment by which he is influenced and to which he adapts himself is his world, not the objective world of science."

W.I. Thomas
F. Znaniecki

 Editorial Staff

Krzysztof Tomasz Konecki, Uniwersytet Łódzki

KRZYSZTOF T. KONECKI is the chief of the Department of Sociology of Organization and Management at the University of Lodz, editor-in-chief of Qualitative Sociology Review, and president of the Polish Sociological Association. He served as a member of the Executive Committee of the European Sociological Association (ESA) and as the chair and vice-chair of the Qualitative Methods Network of ESA. He is a member of the Board of Qualitative Methods Research Network of the European Sociological Association and member of the board of the European Society for Study of Symbolic Interaction. He has published extensively on qualitative methods and grounded theory methodology and has done studies on symbolic interactions. His research interests include the sociology of organization and management, human and nonhuman animal interactions, the qualitative methodology of social research, visual grounded theory, contemplative inquiry, the sociological ethnography, and hatha yoga and contemporary forms of spirituality. He published papers and chapters in the books on qualitative methodology in Sage Publications Ltd. and Cambridge University Press, and in Symbolic Interaction.

Executive Editors:

Jakub Niedbalski, University of Lodz
Robert Prus, University of Waterloo, Canada
Izabela Ślęzak, University of Lodz

Associate/Thematic Editors:

Waldemar Dymarczyk, University of Lodz
Marek Gorzko, University of Szczecin
Anna Kacperczyk, University of Lodz
Sławomir Magala, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Łukasz Tomasz Marciniak, University of Lodz

Content-related/Linguistic Editors:

Aleksandra Chudzik
Jonathan Lilly

Book Reviews Editor:

Dominika Byczkowska, University of Lodz

Online Content Editor:

Edyta Mianowska, University of Zielona Gora

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