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'We must put ourselves in the position of the subject who tries to find his way in this world, and we must remember, first of all, that the environment by which he is influenced and to which he adapts himself is his world, not the objective world of science.'

W.I. Thomas
F. Znaniecki

 Anselm Strauss Award 2020

The announcement of the Jury’s verdict in the Anselm Strauss’s 2020 Competition Section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism Polish Sociological Association

The Jury decided by a majority verdict to award Katarzyna Kowal for the article entitled

"Between Earth and Sky…Experience of Own Corporeality by People Practicing Body Suspension—Sociological Study." Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 84-119.

Katarzyna Kalinowska earned an Honorable Mention for the book Flirt and Pickup Practices. The Study of Microsociology of Emotions (2018) Torun: The Nicolaus Copernicus University, Press. ISBN 978-83-231-4089-4

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